2 thoughts on “One Book, One Community 2016 Winner”

  1. I listened to the audio version of this book that I downloaded from audible.com. From a non farmer, suburban dweller perspective, I found the book fantastic, truly enjoyable. It is entertaining and informative in a very fun way, It is also inspirational; I love stories of people dedicating their life to a dream that benefits mankind and succeeding.

  2. Hey Forrest –

    I’d like to save this 60 acre farm from being developed into another strip mall complex. It has belonged to my fiancĂ©e Stephanie’s family for over a century.

    – located near Robinson Town Centre, about 5 miles outside of Pittsburgh.
    – last evaluated to be worth $2 million around 10 years ago. the area is being rapidly developed, so likely worth much more ($2 million does not include potential revenue from gas drilling, mineral excavation, and timber)
    – was active (crops, horses, cows, pigs, etc.) for ~60 years up until about the 1990s
    – last vestige of the older generation is a couple in their 90s, when their health finally fails, the property will be sold as nobody in the family seems to have much interest in sustaining the property in any way

    My thoughts as soon as I heard about it were to keep the 60 acres intact. The world doesn’t need another Yogurt Land. In order to do that, I think an income-generating small business might be the best bet, but I suppose I would need to find a generous bank or group of investors that would be willing to bounce around some ideas as to how to preserve the farm – brewery, distillery, ciders, CSA, roadside farm stand? Who knows…

    Any ideas? Let me know what you think.

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