One thought on “Musings on Soil, Society, & Prescient Poets”

  1. Hi, Forrest. I just heard about you and your book Gaining Ground through On Pasture. I am looking forward to reading the book and all of your past blogs. My husband and I moved from northern VA to OH in 2000 to start a grass-fed sheep farm and raise our three children away from the chaos. We’ve gotten pretty good at the raising grass-fed lamb part, but not so good at the money-making part. After fifteen years of direct marketing whole lambs, I am switching to a different way of marketing; I just haven’t figured out what it will be. Taking orders from customers during the summer and butchering in November worked great as long as we had sufficient rain, but with four droughts in the past eight years, I need to regain flexibility on when to butcher. I suspect that I can learn a few things from you.

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