2 thoughts on “Interview with the Non-GMO Report”

  1. Thanks for this comment and the kind words! While I agree with you in principle and philosophy, the fact is that for the past twenty years in agriculture, GMO adoption has indeed resulted in ecological death on a massive scale. Whether and when that changes in the future, I’ll be the in the vanguard applauding it!

  2. Hey, I’m listening to your interview on Kojo Nnamdi and you seem really smart, but I do object to your response to the GMO question (and also, apparently, your statements in this interview). Please don’t equate roundup-ready or BT with GMO technology in general–it’s misleading to people and inaccurate. GMO technologies, in the hands of independent scientists and academics (instead of corporations), have tons of power to make crops that aren’t susceptible to particular diseases which could actually reduce applications of fungicides, for example. Not all GMO crops would result in “death on a massive scale” and I’m really exasperated that so many otherwise intelligent, thoughtful, organic movement leaders constantly act like BT and Roundup-ready are the only kinds of GMOs… It’s possible to be pro-GMO technology but anti roundup/bt and anti corporate control of crops.

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