3 thoughts on “Indiana Interview & Ohio Audio”

  1. Hey Forrest! Anytime you’re in this neck of the woods and have time for a visit and/or a meal let us know. You’re always welcome and somebody is always cookin’.


  2. Wonderful, I’ve been hearing about your progress for some time! I’ve got a fully-booked September and October this fall, as I’ll be traveling for the new book. But please give everyone my best, and I look forward to hearing all about your success in my home state of WV!

  3. Hey Forrest! I believe you’ll find this interesting:


    Tim, our neighbor who runs Steel House Farm, has done workshops with you and Joel. We’re all reading Gaining Ground for our next Quaterly Meeting – you’re invited if you have the time and interest; October 13th. We follow the meeting with a cook out and barn dance. It’s different than the way you commenced!! Sincerely,

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