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Forrest is an popular public speaker, having keynoted at national food, environmental, and agricultural conferences, as well as at colleges and universities across the country. With his unique blend of business experience, independent perspective and humor, he makes a compelling choice for corporate events as well.


Please e-mail for scheduling and fee structures, as well as current availability:


Talks may be tailored from 15 minutes to one hour, and are accompanied by engaging Powerpoint photos, graphs and slides. Forrest custom modifies each presentation to best suit his audience.

Sample Presentations:

Keynote 1Growing Hope in Agriculture: A Sustainable Farming State-of-the-Union

Keynote 2: A Thoroughly Unboring Conversation About Our Food

Farming: The First Ten Years: From Farming Dreams to Economic Sustainability

Farming: Multi-Species Grazing: Building Fertility Through Diversified Livestock

For Business: Insights From A Career Outsider

For Elementary Schools: The Farming Journey: From Farm Kid To Farmer



8 thoughts on “Public Speaking & Booking Events

  1. I’m interested in having you speak at one of our meetings. I have a meeting of farmers on Nov 6th in Chambersburg, PA. If that doesnt work, other times are possible.
    I can be reached at 717-262-5314 or by email

  2. Hello,

    I am with South Dakota Specialty Producers Association. We are looking for a Keynote Speaker for the first weekend in November 2016. What are your fees? Thank you.

  3. Dear Mr. Pritchard:
    I am writing to ask whether you would be interested in reviewing a manuscript that is under consideration for publication with the University of Iowa Press. It’s a study of the circumstances that enable and constrain the local foods economy, based in eastern Iowa but widely applicable. I’d be glad to give you more particulars if you are interested.

  4. Hello!
    No request to book, I just wanted to say that I got to hear Forrest speak last night in Lebanon, PA, and was so glad that I did.
    Then tonight my son sent me this article about ocean farming: low-impact, restorative, sustainable- This needs to be in your next book on farms across America, Forrest!

    Thanks for all you are doing,
    Elizabeth Lingle
    Annvile, PA

  5. I left a message for you on FB messenger but not sure if that is the best way to contact you. So sorry to have missed your presentation in York, PA. Reading your book now. Son has dairy farm in Western NY. Cattle are grass fed. Our grandson is in Army Reserves and is a college student very interested in sustainable farming. I was hoping to purchase 2 signed books as gifts for them. I will gladly pay postage. It would be great to visit your farm.

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